Montessori for Every Child - the very fisrt Montessori classroom in a State Primary School in Bulgaria

The general AIM of our long term MONTESSORI FOR ALL program is to enrich and increase the quality of today’s school education in the early grades (6-9 years) by introducing the good educational practice of Montessori method.We chose to realize the Montessori innovation in the small public school in the village of Jeleznica because of the highly motivated team of teachers and parents there who invited us for support and mainly because this 95 years old school was at high risk of being closed because of the lack of students.We develop this project following 4 years plan of development, which is approved by the Ministry of Education of Bulgaria. At the same time work with the higher vision that by the success of this Montessori classroom project depends the recognition of Montessori method as innovative educational practice that could be integrated in each and every school in Bulgaria in the recent years.
We are happy to share that thanks to the strategic support of Vision de Monde and ARIA38, the first and most difficult stage of this long-term project has already been realized and now the first in Bulgaria Montessori classroom in public school is open and working with 14 students age 6-7. The Montessori classroom was renovated, furnished and equipped with a ful set of auto-didactic Montessori materials in all school subjects, and it was open on September 15, with 14 children (6-7 years) and two Montessori teachers.

In many places around the world, this project may seem insignificant and easy-to-accomplishl, but for our complex post-communist situation in Bulgaria, the creation of this Montessori class is a great victory and hope for better future development.

The work on this project, which is an innovation in education, was extremely complex and unpredictable for our entire team. The exceptionally short deadline for implementing the project was a factor adding additional difficulty. That is why we implemented a social innovation mentoring scheme in which we chose to work with a focus on the final goal of the project by conducting daily revaluations, observation, assessments, consultations with experts, spare time for adaptation and reconstruction of the implementation plan.

We encountered many obstacles and problems that were not even planned. But we also received enormous support from so many people (teachers, parents, experts, students) and institutions that we had not even planned for.

The work on implementing this project did not happen exactly as we expected and planned (both as activities and as finances) but, in fact, the ultimate goal and all main objectives were realized in a much more complex, higher quality and satisfactory way than we could have planned at the beginning.



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